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I pledge to do more than listen.

When your mind, body and spirit need to support you, to be strong and resilient in the face of challenge, I help bring them together.  This may be as you rehabilitate through illness or injury, try to reach and maintain a stable weight, navigate menopause, adjust to major life changes - or simply, as you seek to reach solutions about to how to go forward in life and work.

We all know the phrases ‘I followed my gut instinct’, ‘ I had butterflies in my stomach’,  ‘It sent a shiver down my spine’.    Our bodies do talk to us, every day.  As a coach, I help you ‘get under the skin’ (there it is again) of the challenges you might be facing.

If Pilates helps you become attuned to your body, my coaching style helps you feel, listen to and then act on the advice coming from within you - the person who knows you the best.

I encourage linking coaching conversations to some physical movement, so can coach during a country walk.

Currently we have to be on Zoom, but I hope we can be face-to-face soon.

"Libby came with a tailored approach for me. Understanding what I wanted to get out of the sessions, and then personalising her approach meant that it was incredibly effective."

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