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I’m passionate about the way in which Pilates can transform everyone’s physical and mental health - whatever age, level of fitness, size or shape.

I first discovered Pilates when rehabilitating after injuries, and without it, I would be a stiff old stick. I have been on crutches 7 times (different accidents, injuries, operations) and in each case Pilates helped me re-find my body, wake up my muscles and bolster my mental fortitude.

Put simply, Pilates is a series of accessible, controlled exercises, which can be adapted to make them suitable for all. It focusses on strengthening your ‘core’, (that’s your trunk, your spine, and the muscles around them) whilst increasing your overall flexibility and mobility.

I build its principles and practices into my daily life, and now I love sharing its benefits with others. 
I  run online Zoom group classes, one-on-one sessions, and when allowed, will continue to teach at local health clubs, and run small group sessions around the Twyford area.


"The Pilates sessions are tailored to suit your needs & development.  This is particularly important to me as I do seem to injure easily, but under Libby’s tuition this has not been the case."

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